By now, just about everybody has heard about the PRISM surveillance
program, and many are beginning to speculate on its impact on Tor.

Unfortunately, there still are a lot of gaps to fill in terms of
understanding what is really going on, especially in the face of
conflicting information between the primary source material and
Google, Facebook, and Apple’s claims of non-involvement.

This apparent conflict means that it is still hard to pin down exactly
how the program impacts Tor, and is leading many to assume worst-case

For example, some of the worst-case scenarios include the NSA using
weaponized exploits to compromise datacenter equipment at these firms.
Less severe, but still extremely worrying possibilities include
issuing gag orders to mid or low-level datacenter staff to install
backdoors or monitoring equipment without any interaction what-so-ever
with the legal and executive staff of the firms themselves


read more at https://blog.torproject.org/blog/prism-vs-tor


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