Dr. DEBASIS BASU, Professor, Biochemistry Department—

1. Tietz–Text Book of Clinical Biochemistry– Accesion no-36–Date of issue- 1.8.2011.

2. Harper– Biochemistry–Accesion no-37–Date of issue- 1.8.2011

3. Lippincott’s– Illustrated review of Biochemistry–Accesion no-44 –Date of issue- 1.8.2011
4. Ganong– Physiology—Accesion no-477 –Date of issue- 5.9.2012
5. Lehninger– Biochemistry–Accession no-414 –Date of issue- 4.7.2013
6. Stryer– Biochemistry—Accession no-45 –Date of issue- 4.7.2013.

DR. Kana Bal,Page-4 Assistant Professor, Anatomy Department ——-

1. — – Accession n0- —-Date of issue- .2011

2. —-Accession no- —–Date of issue- 2011

Dr. PALLAB BASU, Page–6 Assistant Professor, Biochemistry Department —

1. Dinesh Puri- Text book of Biochemistry–Accession no- 273—–Date of issue- 20.8.2011

2. D.Das– Biochemistry–Accession no- 22 —–Date of issue- 30.8.2011

3. Lippincott– Biochemisty–Accession no- 398—–Date of issue- 2.9. .2011

Dr. Nandita Dutta-HOD, Page-7– Anatomy Deptt.


Dr.Anjali Bandyopadhya,Page–9 Associate Professor, Pathology Deptt.


DR. GAIRIK SENGUPTA, Page-10– Assistant Professor, Pharmacology Department.–

1. Davidson- Medicine–Accession no- 528 —–Date of issue- 19.3.2012.

2. K.D.Tripathy– Pharmacology–Accession no- 630—–Date of issue- 29.3.2012

DR. SUVENDU DAS, Page–11 Demonstrator, Pharmacology Department —


Dr. DEBASIS PRAMANIK, Page-12 Professor, Physiology Department.–

1. S. Sircar- Physiology–Accession no- 536—–Date of issue- 13.3.2012

2. Vander Sherman– Physiology–Accession no- 579—–Date of issue- 3.4.2012

DR. SUPRATIK BHATACHARYYA, Page–16 Demonstrator, Physiology department.–

1. Davidson– Medicine–Accession no- 529—–Date of issue- 29.2.2012.

DR. MRITYUNJOY MUKHOPADHYAY, Page–17 Professor & Head of the Department of Surgery.–

1. — — Accession no- —-Date of issue- 2.2.2012.

Dr.Soma Gupta, Page–18 HOD, Biochemistry Deptt.


DR.BIKASH MUKHERJEE,Page–19 Demonstrator, Forensic Medicine Department.–

1. Park– Preventive & Social Medicine–Accession no- 447—–Date of issue- 10.9.2012.
2. Harrison–Medicine-Vol-I–Accession no–1293 & Vol-II–Accession no-962–Date of issue–10.9.2013.

Dr. RITA BISWAS, Page–21 Demonstrator, Physiology Department

Dr. ARUN SINGH, HOD, Page–22 Paediatrics Department.
1. Clinical neuroanatomy & neurosciences—Accession no-69 –Date of issue- 22.11.2012

Dr. MANISHADAS,Associate Professor, Page–23 Pharmacology Department.

Dr. SAJIT CHAKRABORTY, Asstt. Professor, Anatomy Deptt. Page–24
1. Text book of Orthopaedics—Accesion no-984 –Date of issue- 3.12.2012
2. Campbell’s — Orthopaedic paediatrics Vol-I—Accesion no-965–Date of issue- 3.12.2012

Dr. GARGI ROYCHOUDHURY–Page–26– Asstt. Professor, Deptt.Of Pathology.

DR. SOUMITRA BISWAS–Page–27–HOD, Deaprtment of Pathology.

Dr.ARUN CHAKRABORTY,Page-54– Asstt. Professor, Department of Pathology, SDMC

1. Robbins- Patholgy- Accession no-1013– Date of issue–3.5.2013.

Dr. RANU ROY–Page–25 & 55 Asstt. Professor, Department of Pathology.
1. Ganong—Physiology –Accession no-1668– Date of issue–5.8.2013.
2. Robbins– Pathology– Accession no—1012–Date of issue–3.12.12
3. De Fiore–Histology—Accession no-121–Date of issue–14.9.2013.

Dr. ABHISHEK SHARMA–Page no–56– Asstt. Professor, Department of Pathology.

1 Robbins– Pathology–Accession no-1217– Date of issue–14.6.2013.
2. C M D T—- –Accession no–1653–Date of issue–12.9.2013

Dr. TAPAS KR. KHAMRUI, Professor, Department of Surgery, COMSDH– Page-58
1. Bailey & Love-Surgery– Accession no—665–Date of issue–5.9..2013

Dr. TAPAN Kr. CHATTOPADHYAy, Professor & Head of the Department of Microbiology
1. Conn– Current Therapyy– Accession no–2032 — Date of issue–15.7.2013.

1. Macleod–Clinical exam–Accessionno–1521–Date of issue–11.9.2013.
2. Hutchison– Clinical Medicine– Accession number–1507– Date of issue–26.8.2013
3.Ian Donald–Obstetrics–Accession no–2199—Date of issue–11.9.2013.

Dr. SOURADEEP ROY, R.M.O. cum Clinical Tutor, E N T Department, COMSDH—Page–61
1. Gulya–Surgery of the EAR —Accession no–1367–Date of Issue–30.08. 2013.

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